Sunday, March 29, 2009

Can't find your blog!?!

This is frustrating!! You just created a blog and now you want to see what it looks like to other people. You type your URL in the search bar and ITS NOT THERE!!!

Okay, go to the "Settings" tab of your page. Under this tab you will find another tab called "Permissions" This tab has the options "Blog authors" and "Blog readers" set the readers option to "Anybody" you should now be able to find your page.......


Here's something that I recently came across...

What search engine are you using? Yes it would make sense that the blog should be there regardless of where you look for it but...

Now try using Google then Yahoo to look for your blog. See? It comes up fine in Google but where is it in Yahoo? Okay, one way you can correct this is... Do a search for "Submit URL" you should now have a list of site's where you can fill out forms to enter your URL on other search engines.

Unfortunately, some of these sites will only run your URL for 30 days or may want to charge a fee for adding your URL!!

Also look up "Link Sharing" which may be a little easier?

Personally, I would say the best way to spread your URL is to "follow". (add this in as a gadget on your page, located under "layout") Use your URL as a signature to your comments on chat sites. You can even make a Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, ect. dedicated to telling people about your blog. Just be creative and think, "Hmmm...where might one see my URL and click on it?"

One last thing, if you don't know where your URL is: Go to "Settings" next go to the "Publishing" tab to find this ----> http:/
Make sure it's available, save and your done.

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  1. Will try the 'Submit URL' ... thank you, this was another great post!