Thursday, March 19, 2009

The art of blogging

Blogger blocked? Here are some ideas that should have you blogging in no time.

T.V., newspapers, books and other peoples blogs are full of stories to get the blogger working.

Current and upcoming events.

Favoite shows, programs, radio stations, plays, soaps ect. you get the idea.

Anything benificial to the reader of your blog. Cooking, saving money, a new use for an old item.

Poetry, Arts, Music, who doesnt like music?

Your pets! The silly lil' boogers are always gettin into something!

Sports, root for your team with a pre/post game blog. Go Gamecocks!

Hobbies, not only can you write about stuff you like but you might even get replies with new ideas on how to do it. Its a win win situation.

Got something buggin you? Ugh... Just blog it!

Hope these ideas have helped get your blogger flowing! Have a bloggin good day!


  1. Thank you, those are very helpful. I went thru a block that lasted about three months. It was the worst!

  2. I haven't had a "block" to speak of. I suffer from boring life. I've been laid up for six weeks due to a reconstruction on my knee. I have six more weeks. So, meanwhile, I write a little about what I know and surf around reading other blogs. I like the personal ones the best. I like yours, I will return often.