Sunday, March 29, 2009

Can't find your blog!?!

This is frustrating!! You just created a blog and now you want to see what it looks like to other people. You type your URL in the search bar and ITS NOT THERE!!!

Okay, go to the "Settings" tab of your page. Under this tab you will find another tab called "Permissions" This tab has the options "Blog authors" and "Blog readers" set the readers option to "Anybody" you should now be able to find your page.......


Here's something that I recently came across...

What search engine are you using? Yes it would make sense that the blog should be there regardless of where you look for it but...

Now try using Google then Yahoo to look for your blog. See? It comes up fine in Google but where is it in Yahoo? Okay, one way you can correct this is... Do a search for "Submit URL" you should now have a list of site's where you can fill out forms to enter your URL on other search engines.

Unfortunately, some of these sites will only run your URL for 30 days or may want to charge a fee for adding your URL!!

Also look up "Link Sharing" which may be a little easier?

Personally, I would say the best way to spread your URL is to "follow". (add this in as a gadget on your page, located under "layout") Use your URL as a signature to your comments on chat sites. You can even make a Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, ect. dedicated to telling people about your blog. Just be creative and think, "Hmmm...where might one see my URL and click on it?"

One last thing, if you don't know where your URL is: Go to "Settings" next go to the "Publishing" tab to find this ----> http:/
Make sure it's available, save and your done.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Merging two blogs

Have two blogs of your own or you want someone else to work on a blog with you as a team?

Log into your blog. We'll call this Blog1.
Go to the "Setting" tab found under "Customize"
Next go to "Add Authors" and send an invite to Blog2, this is the one you want to add.
If this is your blog you will have to log out now and log in as Blog2.
Accept the invite then return to Blog1.
Return to "settings" and select the "Permissions" tab. From here use the "Grant Admin Privileges" and your all done.

Friday, March 27, 2009


The "Layout" page lets you arrange and add cool gadgets to your blog.
To change a gadget you already put up select "Edit"

This is what you can do under the "Page Elements" tab:

Add gadgets. There are thousands of gadgets you can add: pictures, polls, Youtube, daily quotes, news reels, weather forecasts, following. Basically everything you can and want to add is right here.

After you have added a few you can rearrange them on your blog by moving your mouse over top of them and dragging them around. You can even move them onto areas that might be hidden at the top or bottom of your blog. Just drag them to the top or bottom until you see a dotted line show up and place it there.

Be sure to "Save" before you exit.

A label list can also be added here too. It will show up in the side bar as a list of all the "keywords" used in your blogs. You don't really have to have this list of labels, but make sure that when you write a blog that you add a few keywords. This makes it easier for people to find your blog when they are searching.
You will find this option at the bottom of your "Create post" page, in the gray bar around the writing area. Titled "Labels for this post" it has some examples of what your labels should look like and how they need to be typed in with commas in between each one.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Have more than one blog?

When you follow someone, the default setting is automatically set to go with the title of the first blog you posted. An easy way to change this is: when you select "follow" from another page a screen will come up that has your picture and blog URL, just delete the URL and enter the one you want.

You can also use the same Ad codes on all your blogs if you choose to. Just use the copy/paste.

To get multiple blogs on one profile: from the main menu select "Create Blog" enter the information for your new blog using the same email and password as your old blog. Now when you are on the "Dashboard" screen you will see a list of all blogs you have created and can work with them separately. This makes it easy to keep up with multiple blogs at one time.

Want to rearange or add to your blog?

Easy! from the dashboard you will see these options;

New Post- Use this to write a new blog.

Edit post- Correct mistakes or add to a blog you already wrote.

Settings- You will find the settings for your basic information, blog URL, blog formatting, comment options, archive, site feeds, OpenID, and you can even let other users to post blogs on your page using the permission option.

1)Page elements: Go here to rearange or add gadgets on your page. There are many gadgets to choose from: Youtube, pictures, Ads and more. Use the preview tab to make sure gadgets are where you want them to be.
2)Fonts and colors: allows you to customize the colors for your page.
3)Edit HTLM: Upload a template you wnt to use here.
4)Pick new template: You can pick ready-made templates.
5)Monetize: Choose where you want add to appear on your blog.

View blog- Allows you to see what your readers see.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blog for cash

If you do decide to generate income from your blog, then don’t be shy about it. Go ahead, post Ad's and not just one little ad at the bottom of your page, hidden under all the clutter. Take a look at the tools available on the site and use them! Make sure you get any software you might need. Like feeds, search engines, tagging. It's what they are there for.

Go to "My Account" located at the top right of your page. Next go to "Adsense" if you havn't already signed up, you can do it there. Under the "Adsense Setup" tab you will find a list of products you can sign up for. Fill out the requiered information, press "Generate Code" now that you have the code (copy/paste), go back to your "Dashboard" and select "Layout" you will notice a tab marked "Add a Gadget" a screen will pop up showing you items that you can add to your blog site, choose "HTML/Javascript" paste your code there, dont forget to add the title of the script. (you chose the title when you filled out the information to get the code)

This will allow you to add You Tube, Google search and other features to your blog site. After you are set up, you can return to Adsense and change/modify your features.

Don't get discouraged, it could take some time to generate traffic to your blog, you could speed things up by linking your blog to other blogs and letting people know your here. Remember this... your not an employee, you have to sell your blog. Make a note of what people are interested in and set up links.

Most importantly!!!! Don't overwhelm yourself! It's important to have fun, enjoy yourself and learn from any mistakes you might make.

The art of blogging

Blogger blocked? Here are some ideas that should have you blogging in no time.

T.V., newspapers, books and other peoples blogs are full of stories to get the blogger working.

Current and upcoming events.

Favoite shows, programs, radio stations, plays, soaps ect. you get the idea.

Anything benificial to the reader of your blog. Cooking, saving money, a new use for an old item.

Poetry, Arts, Music, who doesnt like music?

Your pets! The silly lil' boogers are always gettin into something!

Sports, root for your team with a pre/post game blog. Go Gamecocks!

Hobbies, not only can you write about stuff you like but you might even get replies with new ideas on how to do it. Its a win win situation.

Got something buggin you? Ugh... Just blog it!

Hope these ideas have helped get your blogger flowing! Have a bloggin good day!